How to Play Live Casino Games

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How to Play Live Casino Games - Guide to Live Dealer Casinos Online

Live dealer casino games are among the most popular online casino games, offering real casino experiences with a chat function with human dealers.

You can enjoy popular card games , classic casino table games , and gameshow games , all in the live dealer format, offering an immersive and exciting casino experience online.

So, read on to learn about live casino games, how to get started, and how to win playing online at Stake Online Casino .

What is a Live Casino Game?

A live casino game, or live dealer game, is an online casino experience where you can interact with human dealers to play your favourite games. The game is set up in a live casino studio and streamed live to our gaming platform.

You can enter the game lobby and place bets while the dealer spins the wheel or deals the cards. Essentially, it’s an experience with real dealers in a real casino while you’re sitting comfortably at home behind your computer screen or on your mobile device. This offers the ability for players to feel the experience of a brick and mortar casino, in an offline casino environment.

Popular Types of Live Casino Games Online

Various live casino games are available online, but most are table games like blackjack , baccarat , roulette , dice , and cards. You can learn more about these popular casino games with our how to play table games guide online.

That being said, you can also enjoy various live dealer game show games and even live casino slot experiences.

Providers like Evolution Games and Pragmatic Play offer a wide range of live dealer games, with game titles like Crazy Time , Blackjack , Exclusive Stake Roulette , Speed Baccarat , Lightning Roulette , Craps , Monopoly Live , Funky Time , Vegas Ball Bonanza , and Side Bet City , all proving popular at

Ultimately, there are so many live dealer games to choose from at Stake, providing ample choice to experience immersive online casino gameplay.

How Do Live Casino Games Work?

Live casino games are filmed in a studio with a human dealer and are uploaded in a live stream for your enjoyment. As a result, they provide a hybrid experience between playing online casino games and playing at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Rather than relying solely on RNG games, live casino games utilise real cards and real tables, offering you a much more realistic and immersive experience.

This makes live casino games extremely popular amongst online gamblers, as you can see the roulette wheel spin or the cards being dealt in real time by your casino games hosts.

What is a Casino Lobby?

An online casino lobby is a place where you can see all of the games that are available, as well as the casino dealers, minimum bet amount, and the number of players currently playing the game. In Stake's casino lobby, you can easily decide which games you would like to play before entering a live dealer game and placing your bets.

As much, the online casino lobby mimics the typical casino floor that would you would at traditional landline casinos, however being online, it is a much easier way to browse through the casino games list.

So, whether it be online roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, you can explore all the exclusive tables and fun live casino games in real time before getting amongst the casino action.

Can the Dealer See You?

No! You can see the dealer in a live casino game, but they cannot see you. However, the dealer does have a monitor so they can see how many players are in the live casino at any given time, but they can’t see through your screen.

How to Play Live Casino Games

Playing live casino games is straightforward. Here are the simple steps that you can follow to get started:

  1. Step 1: Deposit cryptocurrency into your account to fund your bankroll. Learn how to buy crypto for Stake , as well as the various payment methods and how to deposit and withdraw funds .

  2. Step 2: Enter the live casino lobby and browse the available game tiles.

  3. Step 3: Select which game you want to play and read the rules and bet limits.

  4. Step 4: Enjoy the game and place your bets within the designated timeframe.

  5. Step 5: Cash out any winnings or enter another game lobby to continue playing.

Our range of how-to articles and online casino guide will help you as you plan to enter a live casino lobby for the very first time.

Dive deeper into the gameplay of specific live casino games with our guides including how to play roulette , how to play baccarat , how to play blackjack , and how to play online poker .

Tips for Playing Live Casino Games

Essentially, playing live dealer games is similar to classic table games. The main difference is that a live dealer is in control of the game rather than a computer. Here are some tips to help you make the most of live casino gaming at

  • Always check the stake limits before entering a live dealer game. Some games are suited to high rollers, while others offer lower bet amounts.

  • Be mindful of any time limit when playing live casino games, as you need to ensure you place your bets in time.

  • Try variations of classic games. The live casino lobby is the perfect place to play variations of classic games, so feel free to dive in and enjoy different experiences.

  • Live dealer games require a good internet connection, so it’s helpful to play from home or from a place where you know you have a stable connection.

  • Know the casino house edge of the game you're playing. The house edge (or house odds) will vary between each game and therefore will impact your potential winnings. To learn more, discover our casino house edge guide and utilise them to your advantage!

  • Utilise our online casino guide resources. From knowing when to hit or stand in Blackjack, to Card Counting to understanding common and quirky Poker slang terms , we've got you covered!

Advantages of Playing Live Casino Games

There are lots of reasons why playing live casino games is enjoyable:

  • You can interact with the dealer and other players within the lobby, providing a much more sociable online gaming experience.

  • Live dealer games offer a thrill and replicate an authentic casino atmosphere, preferable to many classic online table games.

  • Live casino games typically offer multiple variations of classic games, such as lightning roulette .

  • You will find a broad selection of games with different bet limits, meaning you can identify games well suited to your bankroll.

First-Person vs Live Casino Games

First-person casino games are a fusion between RNG games and the authenticity of live dealer experiences. When the game starts, you play alone (hence, first person), but whenever you want human interaction, you can opt to “go live” and be transported into a live dealer lobby.

First person games can be played at any time, anywhere, whilst live casino games must have a dealer or casino game host available to play in real time. Luckily, at Stake we have plenty of live dealers ready for you to play the best casino online games.

How Do Live Casino Games Pay Out?

Live casino games pay out just like all other games at online casinos. Each game has a detailed paytable for you to view, offering you the opportunity to see how the game pays out and how much you can win.

It’s essential to familiarise yourself with the paytable before placing your bets, so you understand how the game works and how much you can potentially win by playing.

How to Bet on Live Casino Games at Stake Casino

Ready to play live casino games at Here are the steps to follow to deposit funds into your account to get started with the best games at our casino:

  1. Step 1 - Retrieve your deposit address, located in Wallet > Deposit.

  2. Step 2 - Choose the method that suits your needs. supports multiple currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (Doge), Litecoin (LTC), and others.

  3. Step 3 - Use your deposit address as the ‘send to’ location for your crypto wallet or exchange.

  4. Step 4 (Optional) - If you wish to make a deposit via fiat currency, you can buy crypto for Stake via Moonpay.

Learn more about deposit and withdrawal methods for betting, with our online payment methods guide at

Stake also offers live support to players via our customer support staff for help with issues regarding live dealer games and depositing and withdrawing units.

Moonpay supports multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others, to buy cryptocurrency to play online games. For a full list of supported payment methods, please refer to the Moonpay documentation .

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