What is a Reload Bonus?

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What is a Reload Bonus? - Stake VIP Exclusive Features

Our exclusive Stake VIP Club is one of the most coveted online casino loyalty programs, offering plenty of exciting VIP benefits and special offers to help you boost your win potential and reward you for your loyalty.

Reload bonuses are just one of the ways we give back to our Platinum level VIP players. If you’ve heard about these generous offers, you probably have questions about what a reload bonus is, how it works, and what you can do to get your hands on one.

Read on to discover more about your Stake bonus offers and the many casino promotions to use on our games at Stake Casino .

What are Reload Features on Stake.com?

Reload bonuses are exclusively available to Platinum level players in our VIP Club. They are active for a set period, during which you can access and claim a fixed amount of bonus funds at regular intervals.

When a reload bonus is active, you can claim funds once daily, once every hour, or even once every 10 minutes. The details of your bonus vary from player to player as they are set by our senior support staff in response to your activity as a player.

Once you’ve claimed your reload bonus funds, you can use them to play various games, including video slots , table games , live casino , and all the latest releases from our top software providers .

How Are Reload Amounts Calculated?

Not all reload bonuses are created equally. In fact, like all our VIP bonuses, they are tailored to the individual player and reward you specifically for your online play while also considering your current platinum VIP rank.

When our expert rewards staff calculate your VIP reload bonus, they consider the amount you have wagered over the previous 7, 14, 28 or 42 days—dependent on your ranking—and your last 7,14, 28 or 42 days’ profit. You'll get a little extra in your reload if you have a negative profit during the required timeframe.

By calculating your reload bonus in this manner and providing bespoke rewards, we aim to ensure we appropriately reward VIPs based on their casino activity.

How can I get a Reload Bonus?

You might receive a reload bonus in a few different ways. The first and most common is the regular monthly bonuses awarded to our VIP Club members.

Your monthly bonus is usually around the middle of the month and is again calculated based on your recent activity and VIP level. Your ranking will provide a base amount for your monthly bonus, with the total you have wagered over the previous month pumping up this amount. Monthly bonuses are sent via email, so ensure you can access the email address you provided at sign-up to get your hands on your reward.

If you’re already a VIP member, you’ll also be aware that we like to send out random promotions straight to your inbox, which can be a reload bonus. These one-off promos are usually only active for a short period, so it's wise to keep an eye out if you’re eligible.

Finally, as you rise through the ranks of our VIP Club, you’ll receive one-time reload sessions as level-up bonuses:

  • Platinum I – daily reload bonus claims for 14 days

  • Platinum II – daily claims for 28 days

  • Platinum III – daily claims for 42 days

  • Platinum IV - permanent reloads for as long as you are an active player.

What is Stake's VIP Program & How can I Join?

If this sounds like the rewards program for you, it's time to discover how to become a Stake VIP so you can start reaping the rewards of this exclusive tiered program. You can find the answer to this, plus many frequently asked questions about the Stake VIP Club, on our Stake blog. Our blog is the ultimate knowledgebase for all things online casinos and sports betting at Stake.com.

This program's tiered structure is built around active players' wagering activity. The higher your wagering, the higher up the ladder you’ll move, starting at just 10,000 wagering for bronze-level entry to the club.

Other Exclusive VIP Member Perks

The perks of the Stake VIP Club are plentiful, from tailored rewards to a dedicated VIP Host , the level-up rewards and monthly bonuses mentioned before, plus heaps more.

As you progress through this exclusive club, you can expect to receive rakeback rewards, weekly boosts, random special rewards and customised benefits for members who reach Diamond status and upwards.

Join the lucrative Stake VIP Club today and start claiming your rewards at Stake Casino.