September 6, 2024

12:20 AM

Kansas City Chiefs - Baltimore Ravens
Winner (Incl. Overtime)
September 7, 2024

12:15 AM

Philadelphia Eagles - Green Bay Packers
Winner (Incl. Overtime)
September 8, 2024

5:00 PM

New York Giants - Minnesota Vikings
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

5:00 PM

Buffalo Bills - Arizona Cardinals
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

5:00 PM

Chicago Bears - Tennessee Titans
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

5:00 PM

Indianapolis Colts - Houston Texans
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

5:00 PM

Miami Dolphins - Jacksonville Jaguars
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

5:00 PM

New Orleans Saints - Carolina Panthers
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

5:00 PM

Cincinnati Bengals - New England Patriots
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

5:00 PM

Atlanta Falcons - Pittsburgh Steelers
Winner (Incl. Overtime)

2024 NFL Betting & Betting Odds Online at Stake Sportsbook

It’s one of the most exciting sports on the planet, and now American football offers numerous opportunities to bet on the NFL online.

This introduction to NFL betting explains everything you need to know to online sports betting and introduces you to the different NFL betting markets available at

Millions of fans watch every NFL game week from around the world. The American game has enjoyed a boost in its international reputation thanks to broadcasting deals, and several games played abroad every season.

When deciding how to bet on the NFL online, you have several betting options, from straight-up moneyline bets to player props and multi-team parlays . The possibilities are endless when you bet online with our competitive NFL betting lines and odds.

Discover everything you need to know on how to bet NFL online and find the various markets available to you at Stake online sportsbook throughout the American football season.

Divisions of the NFL

There are 32 franchises in the National Football League (NFL), equally split into two conferences of sixteen teams each – the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

Furthermore, the two conferences are then split into four divisions – East, North, South, and West, with each division in the two conferences consisting of four teams.

Every NFL team plays 17 regular season games with one bye week, with conferences alternating between hosting nine and eight regular games each season.

The NFL season culminates with the post-season playoffs and the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched sporting events on the calendar, presenting a vast array of betting options to American football fans.

Format of the NFL Season and Playoffs

Every NFL franchise plays 17 regular season games. Sixteen of these games are against teams from within their conference, and the seventeenth game is versus a non-conference team from a division that the team is not scheduled to play. This game is scheduled based on division ranking from the previous season.

In 2007, the NFL added an International Series to its scheduling, meaning that every franchise is guaranteed to play abroad at least once every eight years. As a result of international scheduling, the 2022 season saw three games played in London, one in Munich, and one in Mexico City.

NFL teams can volunteer to play one of their home games abroad if they wish.

Following the end of the regular season schedule, seven teams from each of the two conferences qualify for the playoffs, meaning that 14 teams compete in the playoffs. The number one ranked teams from the regular season will get a bye, meaning they don’t have to participate in the wild-card round.

After that, the teams remaining in the playoffs compete in a knockout format until only two remain, one from the NFC and one from the AFC. The two final teams compete for the Super Bowl, perhaps the single-biggest event in American sports.

The winning team is awarded the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy and cements its place in American sporting history.

When was the Super Bowl 2024?

Super Bowl LVIII was on Sunday, 11 February 2024. The game was played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be contested by the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in a rematch of Super Bowl LIV. It was the first-ever Super Bowl to be held in Las Vegas, and it promises to deliver the pomp and aplomb that Sin City expects.

Who Won the Super Bowl 2024?

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime, overcoming a 10 point deficit throughout the Super Bowl 28 game. This win meant the Chiefs became the first back-to-back champions in 2 decades of the Super Bowl.

2024 NFL Season Schedule

The 2024 NFL season will be the 105th season of the highly regarded American Football competition. The NFL regular season is scheduled to begin on September 5th 2024 with the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the kickoff game. The regular season will end on January 5th 2025, with the NFL playoffs scheduled to start on January 11th 2025.

The 2025 Super Bowl LIX is scheduled for February 9th 2025 in New Orleans at Caesars Superdome.

Types of NFL Bets

When working out how to bet NFL online, you will discover that there are various types of American football bets that you can place. Learn more about the different types of bets available:

Outright winner (including overtime)

One of the most popular NFL bets is picking the outright winner of a match, sometimes referred to as a moneyline bet. Here, your only job is to pick the winner of a fixture, and the margin of victory or the total number of points scored doesn’t come into play.


A handicap bet – known in American football as the spread – is a way of levelling the playing field. The favourite is given a handicap, while the underdog is given a head start. If you back the favourite, they will need to overcome the handicap set by the sportsbook for your bet to be successful.

However, if you back the underdog, provided that they don’t lose by more than the head start they were given, you will still win your bet.

Over/under points total

If you can’t pick a winner for an upcoming NFL fixture, you can place a total points bet instead. Here, the sportsbook sets a points line (37.5, for instance), and your job is to bet on whether over or under this number of points will be scored in the match.


Another popular way to bet NFL online is to place a 1x2 bet. The 1 refers to the home win, the X refers to the draw, and the 2 refers to the away win.

Team points total

Another great option for NFL fans is to place a wager on a team’s points total. Here, the sportsbook sets a totals line for a specific team, and you can place a bet on whether you think the team will score more or fewer points than the total given.

Half or quarters

American football is a game of quarters, and you can bet on the outcome of each of the quarters in a fixture. Equally, you can also break the game down into halves, placing a wager on which team you think will win each half of the game.

Player props

Player props are an excellent way to bet NFL online and include things like TD scorer, rushing yards, and the number of sacks, for example.


In addition to the standard American football bets introduced above, you can also place several special NFL bets throughout the season. These include teasers, parlays, and special bets presented throughout the year by the sportsbook, offering excellent value for money.

Bet on NFL Futures

Another excellent way to bet NFL online is to place some futures bets at the start of the season. For instance, you can bet on whether you think a particular team will make the playoffs, which is a common NFL market.

Alternatively, you can place a wager on the divisional champions and the Super Bowl winner. While you can place futures bets throughout the season, it’s ideal to place your bets before the action gets underway for the best value odds.

Live Stream NFL & Live Betting Options for NFL Games

While many fans place their wagers before the action starts, there are many live betting options for you to consider. Some live options include the next touchdown, the next sack, and the total number of points to be scored in the next quarter. Better yet, you can live stream all the NFL action on your desktop or mobile device right here on! Simply click on the live stream button next to the NFL game, and watch the action unfold for free.

Placing live bets on the NFL is a great way to respond to the action as it’s unfolding, giving you the perfect opportunity to profit from your selections.

Betting Odds & Payouts for NFL Bets

NFL odds are typically given as fractions (3/1), decimals (3.0), or American odds (+300). You can decide how you would like to see the odds by adjusting the settings in your account. You can expect your NFL winnings instantly thanks to instant deposits and withdrawals, meaning you don’t have to wait several days to access your funds.

NFL Betting Tips, Betting Guide & Strategies

Betting on NFL is a fun and engaging way to enjoy football games, but it's important to adopt a strategy to improve your chances of winning. The following betting tips will help you as you find your feet when betting on NFL online at Stake:

  • Research player stats and football team history: Studying the form, performance and player stats will help you make informed decisions. Research the players on your favourite teams and look out for hot streaks that perform well against certain opponents. You don't have to be the most experienced NFL fan, all you need to know is the basics and keep up to date with our sporting betting tips from our expert analysis and opinions.

  • Consider injuries: Injuries play a big part in a team's success throughout the season, so make sure you check each team's updated injury list before placing a bet. If a star receiver or QB is out for a particular game week, it will negatively affect a team's chance of success out on the field.

  • Bet on Super Bowl and other major football games: Betting on the Super Bowl is great, but you don't need to wait for the end of the playoffs to bet on American football. At Stake Sportsbook, you can also bet on football games including NFL Pro Bowl , CBL, and CFL markets so you can get the ultimate betting experience all season.

  • Utilise our betting resources and sports promotions: At, we offer expert betting tips including our ultimate guide to sports betting to help you devise your strategy. We also offer hot new sport promotions and bet bonuses which are updated weekly! Be sure to take advantage of these when placing your bets.

Why bet on the NFL on is the perfect place to bet on the NFL, as you can place a host of bets and access several markets throughout the season. You can get started with NFL betting today by adding units to your account and making your selections – it's as simple as that!

An interesting Fact About NFL Betting

Did you know? When the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in 1999, they started the season with odds of 150/1, making them the longest shots ever to win the biggest prize in American football. So, when placing your pre-season NFL futures bets, don’t solely focus on the favourites!