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CS:GO/CS2 Betting & Betting Odds Online at Stake Sportsbook

The astronomical rise in popularity of eSports has spawned tournaments and events worldwide, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most widely-played games.

CS:GO is a first-person shooter game in which players team up to battle for control of maps within the game. This makes it the ideal video game to bet on, as there are so many betting options that come into play.

The most recent version of this popular first-person shooter game is Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), released in September 2023, providing a largest technical upgrade in the video game's history.

Stake.com is the perfect platform on which to bet on CS:GO/CS2 and other Esports , thanks to an easy deposit process, as well as instant withdrawals. You can place lots of different bets on upcoming matches before streaming CS:GO live, cranking up the excitement when backing your favourite players using your local currency or available cryptocurrency .

There are lots of markets available to CS:GO/CS2 eSports bettors, including winner bets, map bets, and correct score bets, providing you with lots of choices when it comes to building your betting slip.

Discover the different CS:GO/CS2 leagues and popular games you can bet on at Stake online sportsbook and find out the details of the other bets you can place as you get started.

What is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) & CS2?

CS:GO is a first-person shooter game that pits a team of terrorists against a group of counter-terrorists who battle for control of different maps. In most games, the terrorists are tasked with planting a bomb, while the counter-terrorists try and stop them at all costs.

There are nine game modes within CS:GO – including a battle-royale mode, which is popular with online players. Developed by Valve, CS:GO has become one of the most popular first-person shooters and the CS:GO eSports scene has expanded in recent years, with leagues and events cropping up globally.

Some of the most popular CS:GO eSports leagues include 99damage, BBL eSports, and Black Molly Entertainment, all of which you can bet on at Stake.com.

We introduce some of the most prominent CS:GO leagues below before running through the wide range of different CS:GO betting options you can investigate before streaming the action live.

CS:GO vs. CS2 - The Differences Between the Versions

The newest version of Counter-Strike is CS2, which brings enhancements to the video game's audio and visual elements, including the lighting, new smokes, and skins available. There are also improvements in the game's Weapon Buy Menu, and maps. We also offer betting options for CS2 Duel servers (1v1 & 2v2).

CS:GO/CS2 Leagues and Tournaments

As is the case with most eSports, there are lots of CS:GO leagues and tournaments for fans to tune into, and some of the most prominent include the following:


99damage is the biggest CS:GO league in Germany and has been going strong since 2012. The 99damage majors – including the Intel Extreme Masters – are among Europe’s most prominent CS:GO events and tournaments.

BBL eSports

Based in Turkey, BBL eSports is another big CS:GO esports league, hosting major tournaments and regular events that are hotly contested by some of the best players in Europe. You can bet on BBL eSports CS:GO fixtures at Stake.com.

Black Molly Entertainment

Black Molly Entertainment is based in Sweden and is known for eSports production in various games, including Fortnite and CS:GO. You can stream the latest Black Molly events and place various bets on CS:GO tournaments at Stake.


DreamHack is the world’s largest computer festival, and the organisers are responsible for some of the most significant events in eSports. As well as Dota 2 and League of Legends events, you can live stream several CS:GO events put on by DreamHack, given the platform’s immense popularity worldwide.

BLAST Premier

Launched in 2020, this professional eSports league is primarily based in North America and Europe, and runs in two main seasons - Spring and Fall. Blast Premier hosts 12 teams, as they battle in the Danish capital of Copenhagen to compete for a big prize pool.

Types of CS:GO/CS2 Betting

One of the best things about placing wagers on CS:GO is that there are numerous types of bets to choose from, enabling you to build your betting slip in multiple ways. Some of the most popular CS:GO betting types available at Stake.com include the following:


The easiest way to bet on CS:GO at Stake.com is to pick the winner of a particular fixture. Bear in mind that various CS:GO leagues follow different formats, resulting in different schedules and some fixtures following multi-game formats.

So, when you bet on the CS:GO fixture winner, you’re placing a wager on the team that will emerge victorious at the end of the entire round, not just the winner of individual maps.

Total maps

As mentioned, the primary objective of CS:GO is to win maps. One team acts as the terrorists, while the other team acts as the counter-terrorists, whose job is to prevent the terrorists from planting a bomb within the map.

Most CS:GO fixtures constitute multiple “maps,” meaning that you can bet on how many maps will be played in a specific event. The sportsbook will set a line; your job is to bet on whether over/under this number of maps will be completed.

Correct score in maps

Another popular betting option for CS:GO fans is the correct score in maps. The two teams complete every map within a fixture, resulting in a final score at the end of each map. You can make things more interesting by betting on which team you think will win and how many maps they will win by.

This is essentially the same as a correct score bet in real-life sports and is an extremely popular CS:GO betting market.

CS:GO/CS2 Betting Tips & Strategies for Success

Strategy is crucial when playing CS:GO, but it’s equally as important when you’re betting on the game. If you’re just getting started with CS:GO and other eSports betting, read up on these tips that will help you make winning selections:

  • Look for betting opportunities: Instead of waiting for the year’s major tournaments, look for good value betting opportunities throughout the season by placing bets on some of the regional CS:GO leagues already introduced here. You can bet on a wide selection of CS:GO leagues at Stake.com, so don’t restrict yourself to one tournament per year.

  • Watch live streams before betting: We’d highly recommend watching some CS:GO live streams online before deciding how to bet. This is important as it helps you understand the CS:GO gameplay and how the maps work.

  • Consider special bets: A great way to find value when betting on CS:GO is to look for special bets. As well as betting on maps, special bets enable you to place bets on things like first blood and whether or not there will be overtime, for instance.

  • Manage your bankroll: Just like traditional sports betting, when betting on eSports such as CS:GO, it’s essential to manage your bankroll and bet within your means. There are so many CS:GO tournaments and events throughout the year, so make sure that you plan your bankroll accordingly and only bet what you can afford. This is important in all sports betting, not only when betting on CS:GO. For more information, check out our tools for being Stake Smart , including our budget calculator , or read up on more smarter gambling tips .

  • Read our sports betting guides: Here at Stake.com, we offer the best range of betting guides , including the ultimate guide to sports betting , an eSports betting guide , and a more specific guide to betting on CS:GO ! Check them all out for the best betting advice from our betting enthusiasts.